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65 Watt Gen 4 Men's Heated Liner $229.95

 See Sizing Chart Below

  • 65 Watts of Heat using our NEW Soft Heat Pure Science Heating Method 
  • Reflective "Illuminite" to keep safe at night when wearing it as a jacket (See Photo)
  • Anti-bacterial Stretch Panels to keep heat against the body 
  • Breathable Shells with Wind Stop and Moisture Block 
  • Locker Hang Loop 
  • Pocket in Pocket Designed for to take the Remote Heat-troller 
  • Single or Dual Controller Functionality
  • All Our Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller™

The Warm & Safe Heated Liner Jackets are made to be light, thin and body fitting. Lycra stretch panels allow a form fitting close fit to the body without sacrificing comfort, and allow optimum heat transfer to the body.

This garment is designed to deliver serious heat in an instant when the weather is seriously cold. There is heat in the sleeves, in the front, in the lower back, in the upper back and in the neck for full heat coverage.

Our liner is designed to be temperature neutral. As you ride through warm and cold zones you won't have to stop by the side of the road to dress and undress.

We have heated clothing designed for women and cut to women's sizes! Designed by a woman for women, it has all the great features of the men's liner but with shaping where it counts, dropped back hem for warming the lower back and a shorter length so that it won't stick out from under your leather jacket. And they are 30% lighter than the men's liner and they develop as much heat with less power draw. Check it out!

Zippered hand pockets and integrated plugs for connecting gloves and pants are also hidden in small zippered pockets when not in use. Eureka! No more dangly cords when sipping coffee at the cafe.

All our liners come wired with glove and pants connectors. All the wiring is in parallel so that if one wire fails, the whole liner does not. Because of an ingenious design, we have made each Liner capable of running with either a single or dual heat-troller. Yes they did copy this also!

Every Warm & Safe Liner comes with a stowing pouch so that you can pack it away using minimal space when not in use. Packing Size is only 12 x 10 x 2 inches thick! Yes they did copy this idea also!

Since we developed the use of the DC Coax Power Plug and Jack for Heated Clothing, ALL Warm & Safe Heated Clothing use our designed Connectors which give a better connection, are smaller, and are plug compatible with the other copies on the market.














inch (cm)


30-32 (76-82)


31 (79)


37-39 (94-99)

34 (86)

33 (85)

33-34 (84-87)


31.5 (80.5)


40-42 (101-106)

35-36 (89-91)

35 (89)

35-37 (88-95)


32 (82)


43-45 (109-114)

37-39 (94-99)

36 (91)

38-40 (96-102)


33 (84)


46-49 (117-124)

40-42 (101-107)

37 (94)

41-43 (104-110)


34 (87)


50-53 (127-135)

43-47 (109-119)

38 (97)  44-46 (111-116)


 35 (89)


53-57 (135-145)

48-50 (122-127)

39 (99)      


Regular Liner vs. Tall Liner Our tall styles are for you if regular-sized shirts fit in the chest and shoulders, but the body length and sleeves are often too short. Tall Liner is 2" longer in the body & 1 ½" longer in the sleeves.

Measuring Tips Here are some tips to help you order the correct size. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler. (for men, if you use your t-shirt size you should be right on)

Chest Lift your arms slightly and measure around your body, crossing over the fullest part of your chest.

Waist Measure the outside of your clothing at the waist.

Sleeve Place your hand on your hip with your arm bent at 90 degrees. Measure from the middle of the back of your neck, across the shoulder, and down your arm to the wrist.

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