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Increase your visibility to other drivers/riders, lower the electric load on your alternator and battery. Increase the life span of your lights. At least 3x brighter compared to your stock lighting, GUARANTEED!

New Generation LEDs are here and it's easier than ever to replace the yellow dull stock headlight on your bike.
Virtually fits any motorcycle that uses an H4 bulb type. Unlike other LED bulbs on the market, our bulb is completely Plug N Play and can easily be installed. Features a removable mounting ring that separates from the bulb and once the ring is locked in, you simply twist the base on to secure the bulb and plug the connector to your bike.

The H4F3-B is a direct Hi/Lo beam HEADLIGHT LED replacement bulb that is PERFECT for all Models that uses a Standard H4 incandescent bulb (Factory). These bulbs are very bright and they put out some serious lights, over 2000lumens. This New Generation H4 LED is extremely bright and efficient compared to standard bulbs. Drawing only a few amps and no ballasts required, it plugs directly into your bike's H4 power connector. Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs, Our LED bulb is Plug N Play and is perfect for motorcycles with small headlight buckets such as Soft tails, Sportster models, V-Rods and Dyna Glides that have no room to mount HID ballasts, will fit other motorcycles as well.


  • Perfect for motorcycles with 5 3/4 headlights.
  • Fits Soft Tails, Sportsters, V-Rods and Dyna's and many other models. Always check your bulb type before ordering.
    Specs: Bulb measures 3 1/2 inches from top to bottom - If you have a small headlight bucket, verify clearance before ordering. COLOR TEMPERATURE: 6000K (Diamond White) LO BEAM: DUAL LED HIGH BEAM: TRI-LED LUMENS: 2000LM PLUG N PLAY - H4

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