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L.E.D. (7INCH) Projector HEADLAMP For HD Models - HIGH DEFINITION - PLUG & PLAY $425.00

PathFinderLED™ HD7 - High Definition LED Projector Headlight for Harley Motorcycles (May fit other motorcycle's with 7inch Headlights.)
Not all LED's are created equal. The PathFinderLED™ HD7 will light up your path like no other LED headlamp system out there for a fraction of the cost. Using highly advanced projector optics and non complicated reflector design, the lighting output is just pure awesome! The PathfinderLED™ HD7 LED headlight will create your presence during the day and offer you excellent visibility at night. PathFinderLED™ HD7 projects an intense beam similar to HIDs rather than a Flat cut off line.
The flat cut off line from other LED headlights is fine if you plan on riding on a straight line and don't plan on turning. They don't address the problem with little to no light at all when cornering on dark winding roads which can be extremely dangerous. And if you really want extreme visibility that is second to none, add our XTREME™ LED PASSING 4.5" LIGHTS to your setup and you'll look like a locomotive coming down the road.
Most complaints that we've heard about other expensive LED headlights is the lack of side illumination so we listened and with the PathFinderLED™ HD7, there is no other LED light on the market that comes close to H.I.D. performance.

Reflector Design: Don’t get confused with common Reflector design which uses reflectors to bounce off the original light source which usually doesn’t address a wide/far enough beam to get you good coverage. Most commonly, stock bulbs can do a better job.

Projector Design: More complex and unlike reflector design which is common these days, the light source behind a projector is much more intense and the projector lens helps project the light source further and wider down the road.This is why higher end vehicles use projectors and not reflectors in their headlight system.

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