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Tire Balancing Beads $24.95 - $42.95

Counteract Motorcycle Balancing Beads

  • No more external weights
  • Made from micro-glass beads
  • Increases tire life, improves fuel economy
  • Reduced Vibration and heat build up
  • Tires are balanced all the time. Not just at over 30 mph like other products
  • No rebalancing every time you come to a stop
  • No dust to clog valve cores
  • Guaranteed safe for all the pressure monitoring systems
  • Can be used in tube type and tubeless tires
  • Simply throw in a bag when mounting a new tubeless tire or use the DIY kit for "on the bike" and tube type installation.



  • Front 80mm-120mm tire width              1oz
  • Front 130mm and up tire width              2oz
  • Rear 130mm - 200mm tire width           2oz
  • Rear 210mm - 350mm tire width           3oz
  • Rear 195mm - 205mm car tire              3oz


  • Up to 10" diameter wheels                   1oz
  • 12" & Up diameter wheels                    2oz

        Dual Purpose/Off Road W/O Rim Lock

  • Front 80mm - 120mm tire width            1oz
  • Rear 130mm - 230mm tire width           2oz

        Dual Purpose/Off Road W/Rim Lock

  • Front 80mm - 120mm tire width              2oz
  • Rear 130mm - 230mm tire width            3oz


  • Up to 10" tire width                                 2oz
  • 10" to 12" tire width                                3oz

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