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Harley Bi-Xenon HID + LED Passing lights Combo Kit $195.00

Seriously improve your lighting Day or Night. Custom designed and Road Tested on Harley Motorcycles.

This complete kit replaces your Headlight to HID and replaces your dull yellow passing lights to Bright white LEDs!

Unlike other kits, you do not need to run bulky wiring back to your battery! This professional Harley Bi-Xenon HID + LED Passing lights Combo Kit will completely replace your factory lighting to our HID lighting and will convert your passing lights to LEDs. This kit will enable you to have HID's for your LO and HI beams and high powered LEDs for your passing lights that will closely match your HID light. There is no other combo kit on the market like it. Unlike cheap kits that uses a small halogen bulb for the high beams, our kit is a true Bi-Xenon HID kit. This means the bulb will toggle up and down to give you the HID high beam pattern when engaged.

Choose the Standard 50W LED bulbs for your passing lights if your motorcycle is 2006 or up. If you have an 05 or older model, you possibly have either have an H3 bulb or sealed beams in your passing lights. You will need to confirm which one you have, if it’s an H3 type bulb it has a single pigtail connector and uses the base of the bulb as ground. You would choose “H3 50W LED” during checkout, however, if your bike has a sealed beam which means the light bulbs cannot be replaced, see below for our HDPL45 Xtreme LED LAMPS. 

NOTE: * This kit will fit any Harley motorcycle that does not use a sealed beam. As long as the bulbs are replaceable, this H.I.D. kit should work.
Also, please make sure there is space to mount the ballast which usually there is ample space in back of the headlight bucket. Most 7inch headlamp motorcycles will have no problem.

This custom Plug N Play kit includes:

  • A Bi-Xenon H.I.D. Bulb (6000k = diamond white).
  • 2 Hi-Powered LED Bulbs - must select at check out)
  • A professional grade weather-proof TruHids® Ballast.
  • A professional TruHids® Bi-Xenon direct connect cable.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Industrial strength double sided 3M adhesive pad.
  • Alcohol wipe.
  • Industrial strength zip ties.

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*6000k temperature = diamond white

Harley Single & Passing Lights Installation video - by Cruiseman's Garage


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