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Heated Glove Liners $89.95

See Sizing Chart Below

Warm, Light and Thin, the Warm & Safe Glove Liner Plugs to Our Heated Liner or Can Be Used as a Seperate Item. Fits Under Most Winter Riding Gloves or Work Gloves. 11 Watts of Heat in Each Glove Gives a Nice Warmth. Hookup the Glove Liners to our Heat-troller through our Heated Liner or order our Long Y cable to power them alone either from the motorcycle battery or our 7.4V portable battery pack. 


Heated Glove Sizes










6 (15)

inch (cm)

6 (15)


7 (18)


7 (18)


71/2 (19)


71/2 (19)


8 (20)


8 (20)


9 (23)


9 (23)


10 (25)



11-12 (32)


Men's Vs Women's Gloves

Glove sizing is a mess. In one brand I wear a XXL and in another I can't fit in a XXXL. The Women's gloves are different from the Men's by having the fingers shorter. The Passenger Glove & the Women's Classic Rider Glove are Sized for Women. So given all that, don't be surprised if your gloves are the wrong size.

Measuring Tips

Measure your hand with a tape measure around the hand, loosely crossing the center of the palm and crossing on top of the knuckles of your hand (indicated by the red line in the illustration on your right).

Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.


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