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HID Ballast Extension Cable Set (40inches) over 3ft $40.00


Extend mounting location of your ballast away from sensitive electronics by over 3ft.

  • Mounting your ballast externally can keep your ballast(s) running much cooler than behind or inside a headlight bucket.
  • Flexibility to mount your ballast away from your headlight and or other sensitive electronics.
  • Ballasts and cables are weatherproof so you can mount it anywhere on your bike and not have to worry.
  • Perfect if you don't have any room to mount in back of your headlight.
  • On certain motorcycles, you have no choice but to mount the ballast away from your headlight and now you can tuck it virtually anywhere.
  • High quality cables are made from waterproof AMP connectors and are resistant to heat and are durable.
  • Length on each cable is 40inches (Over 3ft LONG)

 Set comes with 2 Ballast extension cables and 2 Ballast power cables. These 4 cables are necessary to extend your ballasts away from the headlight.
FITS: H4/H7/9005/9006 and other applications.

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