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Hon GL15 Power Plate Fuse Block $54.95

The Power Plate is the fuse block you would build if you did it yourself.  We use a metal buss bar rather than a circuit board.  This allows much more current to be passed without resistance.  The design allows simple and easy installation of electrical components - it allows for future growth too.  Installation of a Power Plate helps to keep extra ring terminals off the battery - if you have had this problem, you know the value of having only one ring terminal to connect.
6 individually fused outputs; entire unit is rated for 30 amps.  10 gauge main power wire with fuse for extra protection.
Relay controlled (the relay is easily replaced) - it turns all accessories on and off with the ignition.
Fits under the side cover - battery bar keeps the plate in place.

We include a port for connecting a battery charger.  The port is automatically disconnected if the key is turned on - very important as a battery charger can go up to 17 volts to overcome the resistance in a deeply discharged battery.  Not a problem for the battery, but damage can occur to sensitive computers, relays or even your charger.  Problem solved.

Include 6 spade connectors, 30 amp main fuse, quick-connector, instructions and a legend decal to be placed near the Plate to document fuse function.


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