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J&M ROKKER XX 7.25 LOWER Fairing Speaker kit 06-13 Harley Ultra $449.99

J&M’s NEW ROKKER XX series 7.25” drivers are the largest diameter speakers that can be installed into the Harley vented lower fairings, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6X9” speaker.

Spec’d at 2 ohms impedance and an impressive 217 watts maximum input (156w RMS continuous - 92db sensitivity), these new speakers provide the ultimate in raw audio power.

This new high-power ROKKER XX series speaker set has been designed specifically for the 2006-2013 Harley® Ultra or Harley StreetGlide/RoadGlide custom with the factory Harley Ultra Vented LOWER faring shells installed .

Features of this new ROKKER XX series speaker kit from J&M are:

** Very thin, waterproof injection-molded polycarbonate driver cone.

** Super high-density lite-weight Neodymium magnet structure, specially coated to maintain flux-strength integrity even at extreme operating temperatures.

** High efficiency VENTED voice-coil & magnet structure for improved cooling when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.

** Specially-tuned speaker-mounted crossover network for connection of optional J&M fairing or grill mounted tweeter and midrange drivers.

** Top-quality LOWER fairing housing inserts molded specifically to fit the vented Harley lower fairing shells, to hold the J&M ROKKER XX series 7.25” speaker.

These high-impact quality molded speaker inserts are textured in a matt finish and can be painted to match the color of your Bagger.

These are THE most powerful speakers you can buy for your Harley and they will perform extremely well when used with a medium to high-powered accessory amplifier.

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