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Rake Kit "Low" for Electric Option equipped shields mounted lower than standard: w/o Windbender Purchase $220.95

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Windbender Rake Kit is an option that can be added at any time. Simply remove your Top Shield and install the Rake Kit. Fits Honda GL1800, F6B, GL1500, (and Fork Mounted Windbenders when available).

After extensive research, we have solved the minor "rough road" feeling of the HP and HPS experienced by some riders at speed!

Although most people are very happy with the excellent vision and smooth air offered by either the HP or HPS, some have found a bit of a "rough-road" feeling in their helmets at speeds above about 80 mph. We have been experimenting with various options and have come upon a solution! We have found that when standing the Windbender HP/HPS Top Shield up straighter on the GL1800 air flow gets very, very smooth; almost calm. The ride is like sitting on a park bench with a breeze blowing! Some say to watch your speedometer because it's hard to tell how fast you are traveling with the Rake Kit installed. Our experience shows that this option even helps with "dirty air" buffeting created by other traffic when the shield is raised to one or two inches below your line-of-sight - "An extreme reduction in head bobbling". This hardware option allows for such a vast amount of adjustment that everyone should be able to find improvement if desired. To see one way to modify this set-up to get the top shield low enough to let wind clear rain from your face-shield or get a breeze in your face, Click Here.

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