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Replacement HDBHK [2 HID BULBs] for Dual Bulb Headlamps $49.99

NEW & IMPROVED : A replacement bulb by TruHIDS® for Harley Dual Bulb models - PROFESSIONAL HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE – H.I.D Experience High Intensity Discharge lighting similar to factory systems at a fraction of the price.

This bulb is a replacement or spare bulb and will only fit our HDBHK kits. This will item will not fit our other HID kit models.
For CVO Dual-Bulb Halogen models, (HDBHK)


This is a replacement bulbs for an existing TruHIDS® for Harley Professional Plug 'N Play HID Kit already on your motorcycle or purchased for your motorcycle.
This bulb requires a ballast and power cable to operate correctly.

FITMENT: Only Dual BULB halogen models (HDBHK)
  • Road tested by actual Harley owners.
  • Traditionally poor factory lighting makes this the perfect upgrade for your bike.
  • H.I.Ds outlasts traditional halogens lifespan by 3x or more.
  • Light output resembles that of luxury vehicles at a fraction of the price.
  • Ranging from a quarter mile away, the HID lights reflect off the interstate’s overhead signs, allowing you to see them like never before.
  • H.I.Ds produce a better and further beam compared to LEDs, therefore offering a much better value.
  • Produces a wider and further beam pattern compared to halogen bulbs, dramatically improving night vision driving.
  • See DEER at a greater distance than ever before.

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